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Offering image and style consulting services for all genders . Image Consulting is a professional field wherein clients hire a  Image Consultant to cultivate ensembles that compliment each clients person style, By hiring an image consultant clients will improve and/or enhance, update, or upgrade their appearance.  The perfect style will ensure that each clients image is consistent or congruent with their personal, social, and/or professional goals. With that  being said it's time  for you to be

Brandid With Style .

STYLE Me Option #1


  • Two hours of personal shopper services at agreed upon location, dependent on merchandise allowance and goals for style session.

  • Two hours of exclusive style selection , otherwise known as pre-shopping is an opportunity  to give the client an effortless shopping experience.

  • This will allow the  client freedom to select and try on new garments and accessories while having the guidance of a professional image  consultant.

  • Includes one on one style session to update any look and discuss concepts such as fabric, figure flattering  pieces, color, and any last minute fashionable changes .


STYLE Me Option #2

  • Three hours of personal shopper services for a more thorough alteration of the client’s look.

  • Three hours of exclusive style selection, otherwise known as pre-shopping, to give the client an effortless shopping experience.

  • Includes a detailed style session for a comprehensive closet and functional wardrobe whether for business or casual attire.

  • Incorporates style concepts – fabric, figure, color, chic or urban looks  – to utilize fashionable garments that transition among a variety of styles.

  • Explores ways to combine less expensive clothing with higher priced pieces while maintaining a sophisticated, stylish, top of the line  look.

STYLE Me Option #3


  • Five hours of personal shopper services with professional style consultant.

  • Five hours of exclusive style selection, otherwise known as pre-shopping  and closet purging, to give the client an effortless  transition his/her  new look.

  • Two hours of at-home closet purging, also referred to as closet detox, as well as style session customized for the client while re-coordinating, repurposing, and updating various looks.

  • Two hours of planning for shopping experience and creation of list for additional pieces and accessories to be purchased.

  • Includes discussion on garments that can be transferred as pieces amongst a variety of looks and how to use simple items to style outfits in diverse ways.